Provide Liquidity
What is BasisX?
BasisX is an algorithmic stablecoin project built on the Huobi ecological chain.When the price of BXC is higher than US$1.05, the contract minted BXC and allocated to BXS pledge users; when the price of BXC is lower than US$0.95, users can purchase BXB at a discounted price, and when the price of BXC returns to US$1.05, the ratio will be 1:1 Buy BXC and get benefits.
BasisX is an upgraded version of Basis Protocol, which has been optimized in several aspects:
1) The upper limit of the inflation rate, by setting the maximum expansion rate, the token model runs more stably
2) Rebase time is short, high frequency is more extreme experience
3) Support USDT mining to adapt to the habits of more users
How to mine BasisX?
1)Download and install the MetaMask wallet, configure the Heco network, and transfer HT to the wallet as a miner fee.
Take BXS-USDT LP as an example
2)Click "Unlock Wallet"
2) Select “Liquidity Pool-Add Liquidity”
3)Select USDT and BXS for liquidity mining, fill in the amount of tokens, click “Approve USDT” and “Approve BXS”, and then click “Supply” to successfully provide liquidity. (If you don’t have BXS, you can pledge BXC output at BasisX or buy directly in Mdex)
If you cannot find BXC or BXS, you can directly add the contract address: BXC:0x15F4c382926F8A083bC924AbD3aa84Ce3982CAa9
4)After providing liquidity, return to to participate in BXS mining.
Click “Bank” to unlock the wallet and select a pool, here we select the “BXS-USDT LP” pool, click “Select”
5)Click Approve,and click “+” and pledge to successfully participate in liquidity mining
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